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Mossant’s dignity derived from its persevere studying spirit but also the eternally immutable persistence. Because of it, which contributes to the top hat legend revered by earthling.

The legend started from the year of 1833.

Mossant named after its founder Mr.Casimir Mossant. It is one of the oldest brand in France, and born at the same time as Louis Vuitton. In that era, as a luxury brand could be equivalent to Louis Vuitton, Mossant focuses on its quality starts from creating its brand. By virtue of the bonnet in special color, Mossant won a prize at the London World Exposition in 1862. In recent one hundred years, with the development of history, Mossant has underwent years’ baptism for a long time. In the time tide, as a century’s classic brand, it has never fading charms.

The England Prime Minister Churchill was fascinated by the Mossant hats, he always worn and collected it. Once, he jokingly said he is a Crazy Gentleman, which became a spirit sign for England youngsters followed.

Inspired by cultural and artistic fields taking its roots in its Parisian history, Mossant always moved forward with one idea in mind: to revive a time when people treasured their hats, as something to be kept and passed down to future generations, a meaningful item that transcend its values as a mere commodity.

As an almost bicentennial brand, Mossant insists on hand craft with a modest attitude, and deeply integrates the creative with handcraft. It is popular in many fashion centers like America, Germany, Japan and so on. Its products designed by the international designers teams in which contained their ingenuity. Also, the products was made with high-quality and high-end materials like pure wool, cony hair, imported jipijapa and so on.

Mossant, Le chapeau haut de gamme

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